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Hemp Engineering Pty Ltd is an EPCM, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management company to assist our clients to deliver cost-effective, sustainable, bio-degradable, and carbon-negative engineering solutions for successful Hemp projects.

Our philosophy is "from Soil to Soil".

No project is too small nor too complex to professionally manage your investments.

Exclusive information and updated contents on Hemp Engineering, Project Management, Technologies, CEOs, Start-ups, and Investment Topics from great CEO’s and Pioneers are your guarantee. 

Hemp Engineering Pty Ltd has different Concept designs for your investment.

Our objective is to deliver Smart Hemp Homes fully built out of this plant for maximum performance and whole plant usage: Hempcrete, Plastic Hemp, Hempwood, Hemp Board, Hemp Batteries, and Hemp Paper.

The Hemp Engineering Project Management Team assists your overall needs in strategically planning your cannabis cultivation, infrastructure, and cannabis process.
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Those countries who learn most from the plant, apply the knowledge into mass production solution technologies, and invest in a healthier, more sustainable, more capitalist-free market-driven society, the world will heal faster and more harmonious.