Our prestigious Architectural firm ally GASPARINILUK ARCHITECTS introduces us to the first Hemp Granny Flat proposal. This design is for one of our clients in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

We believe an unordinary building material needs an unordinary design.  the ground floor is about 42m2 and the first floor is about 21m2. The total internal floor area is just over 60m2.  Design parameter wise, the wall in general are 300mm thick.  

On first floor, it is a loft / New York-style bedroom with a study bench along the balustrade edge. A skylight is open to the top of the bathroom to provide filtered natural light from nearby trees. The location of window openings within the space has been taken into consideration of existing dwelling to create a sense of private yet public environment. High windows in the bedroom allow light in and maintain privacy. The new addition has a strong sense of independence and private character while still blend in with the existing dwelling. The roof slope in two directions toward a centralized rainwater head on the eastern façade, closest to the easement.  


We were inspired by Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp and Villa Savoye as we study this building and its use of material. 

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