Industrial Hemp Conference proudly presents:


We, the Hempsters, have gathered forces to bring the most updated knowledge, skills, and information

from different CEO and Pioneers from all continents and all sectors of the industry.


1% of our profit will be donated to homelessness.

Industrial Hemp Conference: 21 Speakers in one Package

How to make Recyclable Plastic Hemp
Hemp Tech, Argentina. Biodegradable plastic project. Agricultural engineer.

Organic Farming and sustainable products
Founder of the Carbon Economy Series. Founding member of the Fat Pig Society

Hemp, an alternative to create jobs, help the environment and face the post-covid-19 food crisis in the region
Bárbara Galletti. ProNatura

Building Integrated Energy Systems

 shows you how easy it is to create a working battery using hemp fiber.

Hemp Business Potential in China and Australia
Founder and CEO Hemp Australia.

Hemp: Part of the solution

Rankin CEO Hemp Gallery Australia and the Principle of BKR Con

Innovations in Hemp Textile

International Journalism BSc. Ukraine.  Owner DevoHome, Hemp Textile Producer

Linking Hemp & Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs2030)

Malaysia, MHIRA - Hemptech Industrial Research Association

Hemp in the building industry
CEO, sustainable building design, methods and products. Australia.

Industrial Hemp Revolution

President of LAIHA. Agronomy and Crop Science Engineer, US Degree.

How to make Hemp Chocolate

Musician. Hemp Chef. Israel-USA. 

Aviva and the Flying Penguins

How to make Hempcrete in the Northern hemisphere
World's first portable hemp house. International Hemp Building Association

Business Opportunities in Peru


Hemp Paper, the potential multibillion industry
"I want to create a truly self-sustainable business model and eco-system"

Hemp seeds as a protein source
Co-founder of ABBRI. Independent researcher 

AWEGA Green Technologies, Revolutionary Hemp Engineering Innovations

Founder and Director at AWEGA Green Technologies LLP

Socio-economic impact of hemp biofuel production in Latin America. Colombia case
Economist. Co-Founder RedCannabis. LAIHA. 

Nepal Business Opportunities

Establish supply chains of Hemp and Cannabis throughout the globe

Creator of Canna-Catwalk

and Cannabis Brings Diver

Business opportunities in Mongolia

CEO Hemp Mongolia LLC.  Business Administration. Mongolia

Hemp, Self-Sustainable Hemp EcoVillages
Self-Sustainable Eco-Villages build completely from Hemp.