Molding Matrix

Delivery Charge


  • AU$15 (1 Kl.)

  • AU$40 (5 Kls.)


  • AU$50 (1 Kl.)

  • AU$150 (5 Kls.)

HempStone is an Australian product.


It is an Industrial hemp technology that enables you to manufacture self-sustainable, biodegradable cost-effective products that will help to substitute fossil fuel plastic.

This is perhaps the most advanced material ever designed and now available to the world.

Limited quantities as we are a start-up.

The HempStone is a moldable clay type material that once it dries, becomes harder than steel and lighter than steel. 


Mia Willmott

I will use it

to start up a Jewelry Business.

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 4.26.32 pm.png

Debbee Forrester

All fossil fuel products

can be replaced with HempStone.