Three Types of Cannabis:  Medical Cannabis, Industrial Hemp, and Recreational Marijuana. 


There are about 2,000 varieties of Cannabis and only about 10% of them are capable of creating hallucinogenic effects in humans.

Over 400 active chemicals.  THC and CBD are the most active ones.

Hemp does not contain THC which is what makes some governments suspiciously reluctant to accept scientific facts about this plant. Gratefully, consciousness is growing in the smartest countries. Hemp has been part of human history.


  • Hemp helped the Spaniards discovered America (sails and ropes)


  • Hemp helped the American Continent to be colonized (food, medicines, clothing)


  • Hemp helped the Constitution of the United States to be signed (Paper)

In the 1940’s, just about when the Cannabis prohibition era began, Henry Ford built the first car ever on earth from hemp and it was fuelled by hemp.


Simultaneously, Hemp was also prohibited to harvest and 10,000 years of a food chain supply where hemp was part of it, was wiped out of the markets, as well as the hundreds of other products.

I discovered this powerful plant in Spring 2016 and I have joined this fascinating journey to help to heal the world in all possible ways where Cannabis touches humanity. Hemp can help to eradicate poverty by creating employment in a large industrial scale.