Hemp Business Opportunities

How do I start making money from industrial hemp? How much money am I really going to make? How much is the minimum investment? How soon will I be looking at my money back?

The Hemp Business is broad and scalable. It is also self-sustainable, ecological and earth-friendly.

The business is driven by the market acceptance of a product and the farming area available to satisfy the production.

Each idea is a project that requires product development, a marketing study, engineering support and a trustful project management direction.

Numbers talk
In Australia, If total stem yields are conservatively assumed at 10 t/ha (dry weight basis) and priced at approximately $245/t, this equates to $2,450/ha. With estimated growing costs of approximately $800–$1,200/ha, on this basis, there is potential for industrial hemp to compete with other broadacre summer crops, once the infrastructure is established.

Now, from the Stalk, Flowers, and Seeds harvesting, there are sub-products can be used for multiple purposes.

For clarification, the acre is used as a common unit of measurement. 2.4 acres makes a Hectare.

Air-dry stem yields range from 2.5-14.0 metric tons of dry, retted stalks per hectare (1 to 5 tons/acre) at 12% moisture. Approx. one ton of bast fiber and 2-3 tons of core material can be decorticated from 3-4 tons of good quality, dry retted straw.

Industrial hemp production statistics indicate that one acre of hemp yields an average of about 700 pounds of grain, which can be pressed into about 50 gallons of oil and 530 pounds of meal.

That same acre will also produce an average of 5,300 pounds of straw, which can be transformed into about 1,300 pounds of fiber and 4,000 pounds of hurd.

Fiber is used for canvas, rope, lace, linen, and ultra-thin specialty papers like cigarette and bible papers.

Hemp hurd fiber is used for all grades of paper, composite building materials, animal bedding and a material for the absorption of liquids and oils.

Case Study No 1
Mini Homes (Tiny House) built from hemp:  A high-tech Hempcrete Tiny House Concept Design proposal for permanent and mobile solutions.
Hemp required per unit = 8 tons (walls, lab, mezzanine, roof and stairway)
Area required per unit = two acres
Harvesting time= four months

Time to build and deliver each unit = four months (not including internal architecture and furnishing.)

The market is targeted for the youngster, early retirees, nanny house, couples self-sustainable like-minded communities.

A hemp decorticator equipment and an infrastructure will be required for processing purposes.

Case Study No 2
Greenhouse design and build services.
Greenhouses are needed for nursery purposes and indoor farming.
Our greenhouses are high-technology proposals.

Challenges and Risks
The farming and the infrastructure are certainly a bottleneck but not the only one.
Connecting the market with hemp products are still in stigma levels.  Government regulations are also very important to consider
There are a greater awareness and benefits of hemp products in a worldwide matter.
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