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Whole Plant Utilization: Innovations in Industrial Hemp with Carl Martel and Erin LindleyWhole Plant Utilization is a concept in building an Industrial Cannabis processing company that utilizes the multi-crop potential of the Industrial Hemp plant to create a solid base of revenue generating products from what is currently being considered waste streams of existing industry.

As the industry grows companies are finding it increasingly hard to not only compete in the market place but to deal with the volumes of excess plant biomass a single product generating company will create. Companies focusing on medicinal products from the flower will face instability for the next couple of years due to the nature of the industry coming out of a prohibition, supply/demand issues and the necessity for innovations in processing and product development.

Whole Plant Utilization provides a company with multiple sources of revenue by diversifying the markets Industrial Cannabis can be sold in. Due to the sustainable nature of hemp cultivation often these products become an environmentally friendly option for the existing industry.

Once touted “The Billion Dollar Plant” by Popular Mechanics; if you can think it you can probably make it our of hemp. From protein bars to batteries, Innovation is the key to this industry's success. Join some of the worlds leading Industrial Hemp innovators as we discover all that this plant can do for us and our world.


ABBRI is a research institute dedicated to the advancement of human technologies by utilizing renewable plant resources and existing agricultural waste streams. When we observe god’s architecture and natural design we see simple solutions to modern problems. When we observe a tree, we do not see a boardroom table, we see a beautifully designed energy storage device. When we observe an injured animal seek out a specific herb we gain insight into the medicinal possibilities of the plant. Combining modern advancements with natural law in order to meet and succeed growing consumer needs while working synergistically with our earth.

As it is in nature is how it should be.

ABBRI aims to first understand nature, then copy it.

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Carl Martel is an independent scientist who has been researching in the field of industrial cannabis for over a decade. Formally trained as a geoarchaeologist with degrees in Interdisciplinary Science. Carl’s areas of research include plant carbons for energy storage, green extraction solutions, and harvest/processing innovations. Carl currently consults with hemp companies in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and South America. Co-Founder of American Harvest Inc, Co-Founder of Natural Design Research Institute in Australia, Founder of Advanced Hemp Technologies and Co-inventor of a grain disinfection system. Carl continues to explore and develop quality post-harvest management systems. His passion is developing processing solutions and products that encourage whole plant utilization including value-added products from agricultural waste.


Erin Lindley is an independent researcher and freelance writer specializing in industrial hemp. She brings a wealth of knowledge from a 20-year background as a businesswoman in the natural health industry in Canada. Her experience spans retail, clinic management, and supplement manufacturing with expertise in formulation and product development.


Erin is a founding partner of the Advanced Botanical and Biomass Research Institute based in Ottawa, Canada. Current projects include industrial hemp introduction in Paraguay and for the First Nations in Canada.


Ms. Lindley writes a bi-monthly column in Weed World Magazine, UK, and is committed to educating people about all the different ways that humans can use this plant in order to benefit themselves and the planet.