TeleHemp tackles the promotion of industrial cannabis (Industrial Hemp) in all its manifestations and ramifications of a Social, Technological, Economic, and Political nature.
Our mission is to inform and positively influence the growth of this industry.

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eTeleHemp aborda la promoción del cannabis industrial (Cáñamo Industrial Hemp) en todas sus manifestaciones y ramificaciones de carácter social, tecnológico, económico y político. Nuestra misión es informar e influir positivamente en el crecimiento de esta industria.

TeleHemp, Chapter 1: Hempcrete

This video tackles the promotion of industrial cannabis (Industrial Hemp) in all its manifestations and ramifications of a Social, Technological, Economic and Political nature.
Our mission is to inform and positively influence the growth of this industry.

TeleHemp Chapter 3: Gender Inequality in Cannabis Industry with Erin Lindley from Canada​

Erin Is an amazing Woman in the Hemp industry, she is so inspiring giving us her insigth on the industry and inequality. How have been her experience with Cannabis, researching live? What is the focus of her researching ? how does she feel the gender Inequality into the Cannabis Industry?

Telehemp Chapter 5: Cannabis Fiber with Lorenzo da Silva From Brazil

Once again we are with a spectacular Cannabis person! Lorenzo talks with us about the possible ways of cannabis fiber in Latin America and the beginning of the Latin American Cannabis Association.


Latinos from Colombia, Australia and the United States to the world!

Chapter 7: Honey & Hemp with Carlos Javier Rivera from Puerto Rico (Cannabis Honey)

In this occasion Andrea, Ramón and Karen bring Carlos Javier Rivera from Puerto Rico to talk, who is developing a honey production venture with bees that pollinate a Hemp plantation, He tells us about the properties of this honey. Excellent project to stand out in the Hemp (hemp) industry in Latin America!

Chapter 9: Ing. Juan Mato from Sustainability at 613 Partners, Hemp The Climate


Ing. Juan Mato, Director Of Sustainability at 613 Partners, Hemp The Climate and Latin America Industrial Hemp Association. 613PS is a division of GuavaTree, a seed capital fund for the medical cannabis sector.


Since 2017, the 613PS team of lawyers, engineers and financiers has strategically advised more than 15 companies on regulatory, commercial and financial aspects associated with the medical cannabis sector. 613PS specializes in the merger and acquisition of companies in the cannabis sector in Colombia.

Charlotte Figi: The Girl Who Changed the World of Cannabis

In this video, the discussion turns to honor this little girl who, with the effort of her family and her influence, managed to change the mind and even the regulations of the moment when treating her severe epileptic syndrome (Dravet syndrome) with Cannabis, her extraordinary improvement changed paradigms; The girl is not here now, but we owe her a great legacy. Watch it, follow us and share!


Latinos from Colombia, Australia and the United States to the world!

Telehemp Chapter 4: Consulting in the Cannabis Industry with Diego Bertone from Argentina


We review the current situation (early 2020) of Cannabis in Argentina, South America, and discuss key points of the Consultancy exercise in our Latin American countries. Diego Bertone tells us that he has been a Consultant in important Industrial Cannabis Projects.

Latinos from Colombia, Australia and the United States to the world!

Chapter 6: Cannabis Body Care Project in Peru


Enrique Calmet tells us about the process that must go through to carry out projects to make Body Care products in Peru, and his struggle with regulations. Go, Peru!


We from Colombia, the United States and Australia to the world!

Chapter 8: Hemp Partnerships with Victoria Troyano Fernandez (EIHA) Cannabis Challenges

This chapter focuses on the roles of the associations in the Cannabis industry and what they do for all of us. We talked about the challenges, the prohibition era, and above all a lot of love for Cannabis! Victoria Troyano exposes us to the vision of the EIHA (European Association of Industrial Cannabis) and all the work ahead that still needs to be done on this path.

Chapter 10: Wolf Jordan Hempcrete Master Class (Master Class)


Chapter 10: It is a great privilege for TeleHemp to introduce Mr. Wolf Jordan Hempcrete Master Class. He will walk us through his Hands-on 40 years of experience working with Lime and Industrial Hemp around the world.

Chapter 11, Martin Diaz, Knowmad Institut, interview


Rev. Martin Diaz Knowmad Institut The Knowmad Institut is a multidisciplinary and independent think-tank that operates internationally and is dedicated to


1) promote human rights and individual freedoms


2) investigate and advise in the areas of Human Rights, Drug Policy, Ethnobotany and Special Populations.

3) document and inform through knowledge management, intergenerational collaboration and new technologies.

4) the preservation of knowledge about spirituality, sacramental practices, philosophy, religiosity and / or worldviews of human groups in different cultures, their evolution and impact on today's society.

Industrial Engineer-UIS, Specialist in Project Formulation-Higher School of Public Administration ESAP, Master in Industrial Engineering, (pending defense of thesis October 2020) - Universidad de los Andes and Master in Public Policies (Degree ceremony in March 2021 ) - Universidad de los Andes, and Graduates in: State Contracting-Esap, University Teaching - Unisangil-Unab, Finance-Aseduis, Project Management - Universidad de la Sabana-Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce.

Over twenty years of experience in projects in the public and private sector; Consultant, Contractor and Advisor in entities such as Congress of the Republic (UTL on several occasions), Higher School of Public Administration ESAP, National Learning Service SENA, Municipal Mayors of Floridablanca, Girón and others of the Department of Santander, Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga and Chamber of Commerce of Aguachica.


Knowledgeable about the regulations and current processes of the management and business treatment of medicinal cannabis in Colombia. Currently, Advisor to a company dedicated to the production of medicinal cannabis in Colombia and advisor to the House of Representatives- Congress of the Republic-.


He has worked since 2012 on issues of the use of psychoactive substances in Bogotá with the central eastern hospital and in Santander with a foundation. I have supported cannabis user organizations in the country. I participated together with 80 NGOs from around the world in 2016 in the route to stop the war on drugs from Guatemala to New York and the intervention in working groups in the extraordinary session of the United Nations, sponsored by open society and global exchange .


In 2018 I was a candidate for the Senate with the premise of regulating the consumption of illegal drugs in Colombia and the development of the non-psychoactive cannabis industry in Colombia, for this candidacy I had the technical support of Uruguay.